I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew


So apparently, my writing career is not the award-winning, off-the-charts, glamorous, instant success story that I ordered.

After a background and years of experience in writing for other people, I made some life-altering decisions and came home – in more ways than one. I assumed that I would lay dormant for a bit and then virtually rise up out of this “one-horse” (small, mountain towns have so many more horses, smh…) town, as a newly discovered writer that would berate myself for not starting this journey earlier in my life. My life would be content and coveted by all.

With mornings devoted to writing and afternoons belonging to my kids; my evenings would be about enjoying the fruits of my labor. My kids would get to order caffeine drinks at restaurants or even order from the non-dollar menu at McDonalds. I would have other people do my nails, instead of using bobby pins and toothpicks to make my designs. My husband would have tools that worked and all of the appliances in my house would work as God intended them to work. We wouldn’t need duct tape and my dog would be obedient. That my friends is straight-up paradise talk at this house.

People from far and wide would visit my blog, share it with everyone on their Facebook, spend the rest of the day laughing,  and become one with my ever-growing legion of followers. My short and simple ebooks would provide both knowledge and humor to millions of readers and then I would debut my first novel. My biggest struggle would be choosing the right head shot and words for my book flaps.

Six months is plenty of time for this, right?

Well hurry up already!  Where did it all go wrong? I thought this would be easy….

So, I enrolled in a course to learn why life has not delivered my dream. 🙂

Stay tuned….


One thought on “I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

  1. I love the quote, it’s fantastic. Great article… things should happen that spontaneously damn it. I mean when we put the pen to a blank sheet of paper, don’t the words mysteriously appear? So when we think about something and have a powerful intention, the same should occur!


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