Madder Than A Wet Hen!

As moms across the world finish up celebrating their ONE sacred day of the year, I was inspired to blog about the 'dark' times that not only flex our true mommy muscles, but often outweigh the fond memories! In all honesty, it is these memories that actually provide laughter for years to come - both … Continue reading Madder Than A Wet Hen!


Parenting: Same Shit, Different Year

As my oldest celebrated a birthday today, I took a trip down memory lane and tried to call to mind all of the different stages that we have survived to date. To this end, I began to zero in on the common denominators in an effort to hang on to as many memories as I … Continue reading Parenting: Same Shit, Different Year

Just ‘Cause A Chicken Has Wings, Don’t Mean It Can Fly!

Apparently, I’ve been behind the curve for years and somehow missed the true Pinterest as a flagship deal. Who woulda thought that Pinterest is where it’s at for Bloggers, as well as a slew of other entrepreneurs, instead of just a paradise for creative moms? Armed with this new knowledge, my next step was ensuring … Continue reading Just ‘Cause A Chicken Has Wings, Don’t Mean It Can Fly!

The Proof Is In The Puddin’

It's that time of year again, where I recommit to consistently blogging and getting serious about this endeavor. I draw up dreams of 10,000 followers, 50,000 monthly views and 500 copies sold of my latest book. My Trello board is full of monetizing ideas, consistent release schedules and plans for public relations - all of … Continue reading The Proof Is In The Puddin’

A Little Ways To Yonder

I am so excited to guest feature a fellow Appalachian Blogger and friend, Kim Stalcup. We grew up together and both love using our Appalachian culture to entertain our readers, while feeding our love of writing. Kim, who stands on the need for cornbread at every meal, is the 8th generation of her family that … Continue reading A Little Ways To Yonder

Get ‘Er Done!

The 'goal' of parenthood is to keep a steady pattern of strong vitals. The 'plan' has changed numerous times, over the course of history. Some super moms just keep it together and continually one-up themselves, only to be unfollowed or unfriended in our vast social networks. Or at least fuel the fodder in the social … Continue reading Get ‘Er Done!

God Doesn’t Break The Molds..

Those of us with more than one child have no doubt that the heavens spoke loudly in the form of our last child. In fact, it's probably God's way of population control. I many times have we admitted that if "he was our first, he would have been our last." Not that easy could … Continue reading God Doesn’t Break The Molds..

Summer Is Just Another Fresh Hell! I haven't even looked at my blog in months....even forgot the web address. I decided to delve back in and saw several posts that apparently, I was too lazy to post. Here is one! Some may mark the beginning of Summer with the completion of testing or school or even the hotter temperatures and … Continue reading Summer Is Just Another Fresh Hell!

Around Here Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer.

After spending over a decade in law enforcement, victim services and social work, we circled the wagons and brought our kids home from public school. Now, we are on year five. After the first years, we learned to lay to rest all of those good intentions of facilitating unrealistic goals of growth, having tri-lingual kids, and … Continue reading Around Here Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer.