Parenting: Same Shit, Different Year

As my oldest celebrated a birthday today, I took a trip down memory lane and tried to call to mind all of the different stages that we have survived to date. To this end, I began to zero in on the common denominators in an effort to hang on to as many memories as I … Continue reading Parenting: Same Shit, Different Year


Just ‘Cause A Chicken Has Wings, Don’t Mean It Can Fly!

Apparently, I’ve been behind the curve for years and somehow missed the true Pinterest as a flagship deal. Who woulda thought that Pinterest is where it’s at for Bloggers, as well as a slew of other entrepreneurs, instead of just a paradise for creative moms? Armed with this new knowledge, my next step was ensuring … Continue reading Just ‘Cause A Chicken Has Wings, Don’t Mean It Can Fly!

The Proof Is In The Puddin’

It's that time of year again, where I recommit to consistently blogging and getting serious about this endeavor. I draw up dreams of 10,000 followers, 50,000 monthly views and 500 copies sold of my latest book. My Trello board is full of monetizing ideas, consistent release schedules and plans for public relations - all of … Continue reading The Proof Is In The Puddin’

Country Politics are an OxyMoron!

You're welcome. You are welcome for this post to break up your Facebook newsfeed that is overrun with political posts, opinions, protests and memes. I don't normally write for the sole purpose of diversion, but today, even I need it.  So let us focus on...survival. Specifically, survival of politics, since that seems to be the … Continue reading Country Politics are an OxyMoron!

You Can’t Have Chicken Salad Without The Chicken Sh*t!

One of my previous employers used to always say..."You know that white stuff on top of chicken sh*t? It's still chicken sh*t." I always laughed at this because we all try to make things different and/or better than what they are. Below is my effort.... It's not that I don't understand limiting and monitoring my … Continue reading You Can’t Have Chicken Salad Without The Chicken Sh*t!

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Parking Lot

I very much enjoy this new blog that I am following and wanted to share!

Abby Has Issues

No matter what your opinion is on shopping, there’s one thing we can all agree on — the parking lot is a paved hell. It should be simple. Park the car, get out of the car, go about your business. But there are always a few who go to the dark side and ruin it for everyone else.


Lusting after a closer parking spot turns many people into Parking Spot Stalkers so overcome with desire for your spot that they dedicate themselves to claiming it for their own. 

While the logic employed by the Parking Spot Stalker makes sense—a closer spot is often more desirable than one farther away— there can be a troubling gray area when it comes to their actions. If it’s dark out and you’re a woman being followed by a car creeping up behind you like Charles Manson in a Volvo, it’s safe to assume they’re…

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I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

So apparently, my writing career is not the award-winning, off-the-charts, glamorous, instant success story that I ordered. After a background and years of experience in writing for other people, I made some life-altering decisions and came home - in more ways than one. I assumed that I would lay dormant for a bit and then … Continue reading I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew