Country Politics are an OxyMoron!

You’re welcome. You are welcome for this post to break up your Facebook newsfeed that is overrun with political posts, opinions, protests and memes. I don’t normally write for the sole purpose of diversion, but today, even I need it.  So let us focus on…survival. Specifically, survival of politics, since that seems to be the topic of choice. Now, this is something that us country folk are well-versed in. Yes, we are educated. Yes, we are aware. Yes, we are opinionated. Make no mistake on that.

However, for several hundred years, we have learned that we don’t have enough towers to pipe in the influences of Washington, DC. When it all boils down to steam, we are the same people we always are and always will be and it’s up to us to survive. The Great Depression, Civil Rights, Glass Ceilings, Human Rights and Globalization have created big waves in history, as they should have done. But, here in the mountains, we were way ahead of the curve. In fact, Washington could learn a thing or two from us.

You see….when your community exists below the poverty line, you have no choice but to judge each person on their own merits, because you know that every single asset of your life will contribute to your family. You have no choice but to be resourceful, in order to survive. You have no choice, but to use your own mind to succeed. With this in mind, you celebrate those in your circle or business or church, based on what they have to contribute. During the Great Depression, my white grandmother chose churches that were predominantly black because she needed the spiritual energy that that church provided. The Civil Rights Movement was laughable here in the mountains, because blacks and whites already lived and worked together, because it took everyone to survive. Glass Ceiling? bahahahahaha…There should be a Rural Ceiling. Globalization did affect us. Definitely more than our city counterparts. The closing down of manufacturing plants absolutely sent our communities into a deeper poverty than we even realized existed. But did Washington care? The answer is no. My point, exactly.

So, whether the politics of Washington reach us or not, we are still here. We are still dependent on each other. We will still survive. Let’s take the sandbox for example.

Which kids do you want playing in the sandbox with your kids? Do you want kids that have learned to hate? Do you want kids who bully? Do you want kids that have a predetermined set of unrealistic values? Do you want kids that only know how to build with expensive templates?  or Do you want kids that will teach your kids how to build a sand castle out of an old bowl? Kids that will stand up to other kids that try to bully? Kids that love making mud pies? Virtues are not defined by skin, gender, or politics.

During this political season, I have never been more thankful for the confines of these mountains.

You Can’t Have Chicken Salad Without The Chicken Sh*t!


One of my previous employers used to always say…”You know that white stuff on top of chicken sh*t? It’s still chicken sh*t.” I always laughed at this because we all try to make things different and/or better than what they are. Below is my effort….

It’s not that I don’t understand limiting and monitoring my children’s Internet/Technology time…I totally get it. Really, I do. They shouldn’t have free range with violent video games, R rated YouTube videos or unlimited TV time. These can cause all sorts of issues, such as behavior problems and unhealthy views of our world today.

However, quiet comes at a price. Technology keeps them quiet, therefore I get quiet. Seriously, I was had at quiet. And this blog is about survival, so let’s beef up our excuses for this latest parenting faux pas.

And although Quiet is the number one reason (read, excuse), there are others that should be pointed out. For example, if we didn’t allow our children free rein in technology, who would help us program our smartphones or tell us how to download apps? I would never have known about the search and programmable features of our TV without my boys. Those functions would never have occurred to me. If what I wanted to watch, wasn’t on, then that would have been the end of it for me. Now….I have the luxury of telling my boys what I want to watch and then they TELL me when I can. Irony….yes.

The World Wide Web has definitely sparked some much-needed conversations in our house. For example, I didn’t have to tell them Santa didn’t exist, where babies come from or what’s happening in the world today. My 10-year-old knew more about the election than I did. He tells me when there are wars or strife around the world. He tells me where our country stands on certain issues. He told me that Hitler only had one nut. He also keeps his younger brother informed of all of this needed knowledge. All I have to do is be ready to answer their questions, as honestly as I can. My boys and I have had many in-depth conversations about religion, politics, sex, evil, child abuse, zombie apocalypse and war. When my boys want something, I get a link to it and they discuss the reviews of that product in-depth with me. I mean, even I didn’t know that you could make a cake in a jar or grow potatoes in a bag….or….

Technology increases knowledge. Technology provides every imaginable resource under the Sun to help with any imaginable topic. Your kids need help with typing, history, science, Gospel, geography/cultures, astronomy, languages, etc….just Ask Google. We, as parents, practice this daily, if not hourly. So why should our kids be at a disadvantage that we don’t subscribe to ourselves? If my kids are studying Amsterdam, then it’s ok if they know what the Red Light District is, for it’s as part of Amsterdam as Anne Franke’s hideout. Then, it’s my job to point out the evils and immorality of that neighborhood.  If my kids are studying war, it’s ok if they get a glimpse of the realities of it. As a parent, I don’t check out or even take a backseat; just more of a co-pilot role. My boys have learned to use their heads to formulate strategies in their violent war Xbox games. My boys know that Abraham Lincoln didn’t hunt zombies. We actually talk about the inconsistencies of history and the Art of War.

'Don't watch too much TV, children. It'll give you rectangular eyes.'

Technology won’t fry their brain. Their eyes won’t literally cross from watching the TV too close. Yes, the parents need to be there to stalk what their children are doing. Yes, parents need to be available and ready to ensure their child’s safety. However, participating in technology is no different that your children participating in real life.

Did I mention the quiet?



The Seven Deadly Sins of the Parking Lot

I very much enjoy this new blog that I am following and wanted to share!

Abby Has Issues

No matter what your opinion is on shopping, there’s one thing we can all agree on — the parking lot is a paved hell. It should be simple. Park the car, get out of the car, go about your business. But there are always a few who go to the dark side and ruin it for everyone else.


Lusting after a closer parking spot turns many people into Parking Spot Stalkers so overcome with desire for your spot that they dedicate themselves to claiming it for their own. 

While the logic employed by the Parking Spot Stalker makes sense—a closer spot is often more desirable than one farther away— there can be a troubling gray area when it comes to their actions. If it’s dark out and you’re a woman being followed by a car creeping up behind you like Charles Manson in a Volvo, it’s safe to assume they’re…

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I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew


So apparently, my writing career is not the award-winning, off-the-charts, glamorous, instant success story that I ordered.

After a background and years of experience in writing for other people, I made some life-altering decisions and came home – in more ways than one. I assumed that I would lay dormant for a bit and then virtually rise up out of this “one-horse” (small, mountain towns have so many more horses, smh…) town, as a newly discovered writer that would berate myself for not starting this journey earlier in my life. My life would be content and coveted by all.

With mornings devoted to writing and afternoons belonging to my kids; my evenings would be about enjoying the fruits of my labor. My kids would get to order caffeine drinks at restaurants or even order from the non-dollar menu at McDonalds. I would have other people do my nails, instead of using bobby pins and toothpicks to make my designs. My husband would have tools that worked and all of the appliances in my house would work as God intended them to work. We wouldn’t need duct tape and my dog would be obedient. That my friends is straight-up paradise talk at this house.

People from far and wide would visit my blog, share it with everyone on their Facebook, spend the rest of the day laughing,  and become one with my ever-growing legion of followers. My short and simple ebooks would provide both knowledge and humor to millions of readers and then I would debut my first novel. My biggest struggle would be choosing the right head shot and words for my book flaps.

Six months is plenty of time for this, right?

Well hurry up already!  Where did it all go wrong? I thought this would be easy….

So, I enrolled in a course to learn why life has not delivered my dream. 🙂

Stay tuned….

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving from the most perfect (for me) little, mountain town to yours!


I hope that you plan your Black Friday shopping around LOCALLY owned and operated shops; where your money actually makes a difference!

I’m working on the last post in our surviving pregnancy series, so keep your eyes peeled!