Writing Services

My Words + Your Message + Copyediting Services

= Your Positive Results

In addition to the many hats that I wear on a daily basis, I am also a Freelance Copywriter, based right here in the Appalachian Mountains. You need results-driven content that resonates with both your business values and your target audience. At the end of the day, you want to make more money. I write relevant, high-quality case studies, blog articles and web content that are essential to boost your brand’s awareness, sell your products and ideas, and help you stand out from the competition.

My success in the freelance writing world requires an obligation to grammatical excellence, the ability to pursue compelling stories based on reliable information, and a strict adherence to all deadlines and publication requirements. My background includes writing on a variety of subjects such as B2B best practices, economy, culture, nonprofit, arts and business. My history of publishing success, along with my positive client references, combines with your needs to create a mutually successful partnership.

If you are interested in Ghostwriting Services, I am part of an experienced team that can help you get your book idea to the bookshelves in the least stressful way possible!

Please contact me for rates. References available upon request.



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