About Me

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Most days, I just pray for strong vital signs by bedtime. Preferably at a 100% rate, but I settle for at least the majority of those that I am responsible for. I barely remember the girl who was adventurous, organized and determined to conquer the world. Seriously, I’ve had kids – I pee according to proximity, not urge.

Bonnie Sherrill is just a pen name for me to hide behind, since I live in very small town deep within the southern Appalachian Mountains. Yes, I have survived years in the big city and even lived in Europe, but at the end of the day – I came right back home, exactly where I belong. However, to say that I learned some lessons along the way about survival would be an understatement, so I hope that I am able to wrap these lessons up in some dry southern humor and we all enjoy the journey!

After years of wishing and dreaming of being a writer, I just decided to run it up a flagpole and see who saluted. Thanks for being my flagpole.





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