So, after posting my last post and reading the comment, I thought it was paramount that we slide in a chapter on terminology. In my first few weeks in the city, I met and started dating a college football player from New York. Needless to say our fascination with dating someone from another planet was quickly replaced with endless arguments that stemmed completely from his lack of my language. Our words were different, our mannerisms were different, our dress wasn’t even in the same hemisphere and why did he gel his hair??

Below are my top 10:

(Right vs Their way)

  1. Ul vs oil
  2. dinner vs lunch; supper vs dinner
  3. reckon vs OK, sure, probably
  4. fixin vs preparing to do
  5. Yall vs (should be universal)
  6. hankerin vs would like to do…
  7. How-do vs How are you doing?
  8. Whatcha lao? vs What do you know?
  9. druthers vs preferences
  10. lick vs – this is an interchangeable noun and verb. For example: I didn’t get a lick of work done today or I licked him a good one.




2 thoughts on “Whatchooosay?

  1. Name: April W
    Comment: I say “ul”, reckon, supper, fixin, hankerin, “rather” not “druthers” & lick! Lol! People here don’t know what I’m sayin!!! Especially when I say “what’re” like “what’re you doin”? Hahaha! I get “you people combine too many words” a lot. Of course we do! Megan says “youns” all the time & gets made fun of terribly for it.


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