The City is more sophisticated than a Philadelphia lawyer.

My maw always said this when people dressed up in church clothes on any day other than a church or funeral day. She never quite explained why lawyers in Philadelphia are from the most sophisticated stock, but my maw knew a lot of things and so I just went with it.
I’m not entirely sure who designed the general education college requirement classes, but apparently, I needed some psychology schooling. After maneuvering around a campus with more people than my entire county, I sit down in a classroom with more people than my entire school. The only times that I had seen this many people in one place was at a football game, funeral or the races….and that occasional town meeting that they discussed bringing alcohol by the drink to my dry hometown…right smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. Anyway, I quickly decided that there were no preachers or mayors (they are the same where I’m from) here and we were expected to have already completed several chapters in a ridiculously large book. As if I knew that… Again, city people always get in a hurry.
One of my favorite classes was Intercultural Communications. By this time, I was an upperclassman, figured out all of the secrets to parallel parking, schedules and which teachers to take. I took this class over the summer, because that was the result of my intelligence gathering. We spent weeks watching controversial movies, conducting real-life experiments on the poor, unknowing vendors of Raleigh and we got to interview several generations on the different perspectives of poverty. Now, I know that when you think of the country, you hear banjos and imagine everyone having their own white sheet. The truth is that I have never seen a banjo and my mom would skin us alive if we used her white sheets for anything but sleeping on. So, from where I’m standing, the stereotypes are on the other end. Anyway, not only did I make an A, I discovered a very important difference between us country folk and the city folk. In the country, everyone is poor, regardless of race, sex or religion. No one can afford judgment.


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