It’ll all come out in the wash…

You may have been prom queen or voted most attractive at Podunk High, but this memo hasn’t and won’t reach the city of your choosing. So suck it up. It takes time for others to recognize your potential in cities already full of crowns. On the flip side, you may have been on the bottom of your high school totem pole and will be doing the Miss America wave sooner than you think. In the meantime, get your nails done.

My first few weeks in the city, I kept meeting girls that actually paid people to paint their nails (some of the nails were even fake) on a regular basis! I offered them my discount services, but they just rolled their eyes and told me that I didn’t understand. They were right, considering I sold my college textbooks for drinking money and barely had any plasma left when bills were due. Not to mention that back home, you only got your nails done for weddings and even then you had to cross the state line.

However, one day I discovered that my neck was getting red and I had to walk out of my workplace to prevent the pain that I was about to inflict on my boss, when I found myself in front of a nail salon. I was still so livid that fantasies of homicide were dancing in my head and so I thought…what do I have to lose?

Three words. Oh. My. Gawd.

No one ever bothered to tell me that painting my nails was the least that these wonderful little Asian people did! First, they put me in a chair with heat and massage controls that could run a close second to a good man. Then, while one foot is in this hot Jacuzzi, my other foot was receiving massage and oil. All this while the chair was simultaneously heating and rubbing on me.  Next came my hands…and arms! I think that they intentionally don’t speak a lot of English, because at this point I am not sure I would have understood pictures.

I walked out of that salon with a new focus on life. I understood that city life was about these little things and not homicidal thoughts in an overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated working environment. These little things also let you control your own destiny. Now, my nails are always done.

Even though I have returned to country living, and nail salons are aplenty, my kids don’t realize the importance of this in our budget. However, You Tube and resourceful neighbors have shown me how to make creative designs with a bobby pin and a toothpick, so I manage on my own! (Country girls always survive!)

A friend once told me that your nails always need to be done, because this is the only thing in life that others can’t beg, steal or borrow from you!



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