Spirits to Spirits

This morning, I awoke to  a dear friend of mine sending me a FB meme/video on “Mummy needs a drink.” I laughed and sent her my love for understanding my life (as she does with her own brood) and then set about my day.

Then….I needed a drink. Why?

  1. Because one of my boys couldn’t find the loaf of bread that I left for him on the counter. Not a hidden counter in the garage or a neighbor’s house, but our kitchen counter.
  2. Because my kids demanded a caffeine drink at the restaurant for their weekly lunch. Is today their birthday? No. Is today the day their dog died? No. Therefore, No. Water.
  3. Because my kids asked me what a period was.
  4. Because one of my kids used my tampon as a parachute for his toy soldier. Again.
  5. Because my youngest couldn’t find his shoes…..that were by the door….where he stood….. Which slowed us all down to sloths on Ambien…..
  6. Because they asked, “Why?”
  7. Because I had to get groceries….with them.
  8. Because I homeschool and they have trouble with their ABCs on Fridays.
  9. Because its Friday, and they are bored.
  10. Because my kids are not allowing me to be the mother that I had planned on being.

Every so often, I research ‘normal’ levels of alcoholism, just to keep me on my toes. However, I don’t live in Europe, where the levels are much more akin to REAL LIFE. I am born and bred a Puritan…..well, whatever. I have kids. I should have a handicap.




One thought on “Spirits to Spirits

  1. Yep. Handicap deserved. There should be a craft brewery near every mom, with drop-in taste testing offered as a service to moms with kids. It’s gotta be in our bill of rights, somewhere.
    Your comments made me grin.


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