Bless his heart.

So today, I feel like crap. I have the usual cold that so many of us experience during the changing of the seasons. You know…when the morning low is 40 degrees below the late afternoon high? And if you live in North Carolina, this will be an on-going saga for months. NC…the only place you can coat your sunburn with fresh snow!

Anyhoo, I am barely putting one foot in front of the other, but that doesn’t seem to affect the two little ones that seem to depend on me for everything. When you are at your worst, you are able to grasp a clearer picture of what it is you are truly in need of. When I am well, I have a whole host of things that I need done. However, today…..I need just one thing.

I need a person to follow my oldest around and LISTEN to him talk INCESSANTLY about nerf wars…or xbox games. That is it. It’s not that hard, so surely the resumes should be simple to review:

  1. pulse
  2. attention span
  3. no criminal record
  4. no criminal intentions to kids
  5. Patience of Job

Surely, you know of someone that could help me out?? If not, surely, you at least know what I am facing? Surely, he will eventually run out of the same things to talk about…and surely, he will eventually realize that he repeats the same things over and over again……or maybe….he will realize that no one else is interested in this topic!!!

I have told him many times….”I will watch you on the xbox” or “”We can talk about MORE nerf guns..” right after you watch me read my book for two hours. He never bites.


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