You boys make yourselves useful and go shoot me down some mistletoe!

I totally remember shooting mistletoe out of the trees with my cousin. Although, I am not sure it was for any other reason than firing our guns, but we did tote our prize to his parents. This isn’t a memory that I associate with Christmas, just another day in our lives growing up in the mountains.

Now, I am older and wiser…..

Each year, we, as mothers, are bound to procure, produce or pride over Christmas crafts, completed gingerbread houses, touring of Christmas lights, results on Christmas baking and more. Ten months of the year, we ooh and aww as we plan what our family will focus on during November and December….and how we will one-up our best friend mommys. We post to Pinterest Boards things that we will never look at again. Thank God, Facebook records our keystrokes, or there would be no evidence at all of our hopes and dreams. It’s not ok….it’s just reality. We say we do it all for our kids….. BLAH! We do it for Facebook and our scrapbook, that we hope to make before our children marry.

I have neglected necessary things so that I can check off the necessary things required to be a good mother:

  • decorating the tree and house as we eat homemade brownies
  • driving around 2 to 3 states looking at Christmas lights
  • Building a float for the small town Christmas parade
  • Baking Christmas tree shaped cakes and ruining good sugar cookies with sprinkles
  • Completing a gingerbread house that is facebook worthy
  • Completing an assortment of crafts that will pain me in storing from year to year
  • making bows for presents…that the recipient will just shred and trash
  • Studying the nativity scene and all the necessary parts and verses that go with it
  • Adopting the local kids that need some of our extra love
  • spending days hiding the $#@$%%^^$#$@#@@ elf on the shelf (filthy bastard doesn’t always hide like he is supposed to)
  • successfully hiding the presents for my kids
  • Praying to the bank overdraft gods to hold off one more day

All that is left is Santa cookies and reindeer food. Awesome, right? No….all that work and I only have 7 days to enjoy the fruits of my labor??

Survival is about more than 7 days.

Next year, I plan to get all of this shit done by November 5th.

What’s the one thing that stresses you the most this time of year?



One thought on “You boys make yourselves useful and go shoot me down some mistletoe!

  1. I find that I stress about having to go out for groceries with all the angry, frustrated people racing around with total abandonment. People are supposed to be happy this time of year, but I just don’t see it anymore. Everyone is in a hurry, they are rude and inattentive, accidents waiting to happen.

    I’ve become more reclusive in recent years, and sometimes that makes trips into town even more stressful. I try to avoid times of day that will be the most crowded so I can take my time and enjoy what I’m doing. That is how I try to deal with everything that stresses me, but it takes planning.

    I have also tried to do more of the things that matter to me, instead of trying to out do my Facebook friends. I used to want to give the best present, but wound up creating my own stress, unnecessarily, gift giving isn’t a competition.

    So, enjoy your Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!


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