If Everything Is Coming Your Way, Then You Are In The Wrong Lane!


It’s that time, once again, which we all sit down with pen and paper to set forth unrealistic goals for the coming year. With the best of intentions, we proclaim that we will become the person that we have very little chance at actually becoming. We share our goals within our circle, so that when we fail, others can celebrate in our misery. Perhaps we do all of this so that we are guilt-free for the debauchery we cause our bodies and souls on this very night? If we plan to diet, we embrace gluttony. If we plan to eat healthy and exercise, we become one with the toxins that enter our system in one evening. If budgets are on our horizon, we spend money like its 1999. Maybe you plan to quit smoking, so tonight you will go through a carton. We won’t even venture into the abyss, if your goal is to drink less.

Regardless of which unrealistic promise that you are making to yourself this evening, let’s talk about reality. Life isn’t meant to be easy. If in 2017, you find that everything is going your way, you are very sure to be in the wrong lane. The other shoe will drop. Your New Year’s Resolution should be aligned with the stars, tides, Black Magic and Murphy’s Law. Cause it ain’t gonna be easy. Don’t set yourself up with concrete ‘rules’ for 2017. Celebrate tonight, without guilt. You deserve it for surviving 2016.

Instead of making promises, pick one word and adhere to it for all 12 months. What word? That is up to you, but make sure that Regardless follows it. Make your WORD + Regardless, be your new mantra. Your WORD will serve your personal, family, work, friends, spiritual needs, financial needs and health. Your WORD needs to be all-encompassing. There are several online areas to pursue your WORD.

For example, instead of diet, choose MODERATION and do it regardless if there are 15 Cookie Exchange Parties in January or six weddings in June. Eat healthy before you go and limit yourself to the sweets/alcohol. Instead of exercise, choose CONSISTENCY. Be consistent in your active life – join an adult league, play more WipeOut on the Kinect/Wii, play a game with your kids or do some crunches before bed, if nothing else. Instead of saying that you will volunteer more, choose SERVE. Make it a point to something for someone else every week or month or quarter. If you are seeking less stress in 2017, choose SIMPLICITY. Practice saying no, at least once a month. Want to spend more time with those you love? Choose BALANCE. See where I’m going with this?

I started choosing WORDS two years ago, and it is total life-changing. Whatever WORD you choose, it should serve in every single area of your life. In 2015, I chose Consistency. In 2016, I chose Balance. In 2017, I choose PROGRESS.

This blog is about survival and I would be remiss if I didn’t share this particular means! What’s your WORD for 2017?


I Feel Like I’ve Been Rode Hard and Hung Up Dry

Well, I have about eight hours left of the year that I have deemed our year of “Financial Ruin.” If you read one of my Monday Moans, then you remember the appliance conspiracy perpetrated against me in my own home. Over the summer, the financial gods took a few more swings at us and flipped us off as we cried in the mud. Whatever. We survived. And we survived in style.

As I was reviewing my goals for the upcoming year and declaring all of the things that were going to change, I decided to look back over this blog and see what yall thought of it. I was super surprised to see that this blog had been read by people in ten different countries and that some of my posts got a lot more attention that others. So, I just re-read the top three blog posts that yall chose to view…and I totally laughed out loud. Mostly, because I write about real things that I have survived and some because I just crack myself up.

The most viewed blog post was Worthless As An Ashtray On A Motorcycle, published this past Fall when I returned from enjoying a covert terrorist tactic of staying at an all-inclusive resort. The second most viewed and my personal favorite was As Easy As Herding Cats, when you readers agreed with me that everyone hears gunfire in the shower!…right? And the third most viewed post that I enjoyed re-reading today was As Slow As Molasses and I totally still have the picture to prove it!

So, I hope that this blog has brought you laughs, as it continues to bring to me. I think that I will give it another year and see how it goes. Maybe, I will even get to where I am a regular blogger!!

PS In 2016, I hope that I have the guts to finally publish my eBook – the first in a serious of Mountain Notes (instead of Cliff Notes) on grant-writing! Send me positive vibes and have a Happy New Year!!!

What was your favorite blog post or topic that I covered?