DST…Aren’t You Precious?

I was so unbalanced today from the POINTLESS Daylight Savings time that I rolled out of bed at 5:30am…or 6:30am, whatever, It’s all the same before noon. It was still dark out, coffee wasn’t made and the handful of hours of sleep that I had was already gone. Yes, the snow was pretty…when the Sun finally showed it to me at a more decent hour. I spent the day tired when I wasn’t supposed to be tired…hungry, when I wasn’t supposed to be hungry and pretty much disembodied through and through.

I wanted to curse the SavingsTimes Gods straight to hell. So I decided to blog….then I read Early Bird Gets the Worm… and it all still stands. All.Of.It. And it will still be BS next year…and the year after.

Come on Trump…forget education, travel, walls and healthcare and focus on a real, tangible issue that can be resolved, NOW!!!!! I promise that it will land you in a history book and probably be a huge Public Relations coup!!

While you are at it, ban pineapples on pizza, insist that toilet paper rolls from the top and toothpaste is squeezed from the bottom. These will definitely “Make America Great Again.”

daylight 5

Early Bird Gets the Worm…

My Monday Moans….DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!!!! Ugh. Stupid.Stupid.Stupid.

“They” say that you either lose an hour or gain an hour of sleep. I need a name for this “they.” And an address.


Monday, I woke up two hours late (3 if you went by my clock) and felt that I had hosted a WWF tournament in my bed. I stumbled to the bathroom and then fell into my toilet. I refused to think about whether or not one of my little angels actually flushed this time because it was too early for such ridiculous notions. If I could invent something for my fellow mom friends of little boys, it would be a self-putting-down-the-lid toilet. Preferably with a timer…and an ejection seat. Unfortunately, my Monday didn’t stop there. I poured my full cup of coffee all of the counter and at supper-time, I let a piece of chicken fly right out of my shake and bake bag…. And I proudly blame it all on Daylight Savings Time (DST).

One of the most ridiculous notions of mankind. Right up there with tanning beds and Farmville.

Advocates of this STUPID notion believe the following.

  1. Saves Time. For who?
  2. Saves Energy. “They” say that the extra hour of daylight, allows us to save energy by utilizing natural sunlight. Well, “they” need to pay my power bill because I never see savings.
  3. Helps Farmers. Get a rooster, like all other self-respecting farmers.
  4. Improves Happiness. Happiness is the farthest emotion from me during this time.
  5. It’s good for the economy. Maybe for law enforcement or arms dealers. The “extra” hour doesn’t make me want to go to Walmart.

It all began with…..”Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Or “The early bird gets the worm,” as it was so shortened for country folk.  It’s all lies. LIES!