Worn Slap Out!

Well, our clan has just completed our annual vacation and so we are absolutely worn slap out. All of us....however, the energy exerted on these annual vacations is not equally divvied up and therefore, the whining shouldn't be either. Since my bunch doesn't care what I have to say, I am putting it out there … Continue reading Worn Slap Out!


DST…Aren’t You Precious?

I was so unbalanced today from the POINTLESS Daylight Savings time that I rolled out of bed at 5:30am...or 6:30am, whatever, It's all the same before noon. It was still dark out, coffee wasn't made and the handful of hours of sleep that I had was already gone. Yes, the snow was pretty...when the Sun finally … Continue reading DST…Aren’t You Precious?

Thoughts from a Deranged Homeschooling Mom!

Some say that February is the hardest teaching month of the year. As a homeschooling mom,  I tend to agree. All the built-in breaks of the holidays are over, with no end in sight. As a homeschooling mom, we hope to recoop lost time from the holidays and this battles with the kids being overwhelmed … Continue reading Thoughts from a Deranged Homeschooling Mom!

Country Politics are an OxyMoron!

You're welcome. You are welcome for this post to break up your Facebook newsfeed that is overrun with political posts, opinions, protests and memes. I don't normally write for the sole purpose of diversion, but today, even I need it.  So let us focus on...survival. Specifically, survival of politics, since that seems to be the … Continue reading Country Politics are an OxyMoron!

If Everything Is Coming Your Way, Then You Are In The Wrong Lane!

  It's that time, once again, which we all sit down with pen and paper to set forth unrealistic goals for the coming year. With the best of intentions, we proclaim that we will become the person that we have very little chance at actually becoming. We share our goals within our circle, so that … Continue reading If Everything Is Coming Your Way, Then You Are In The Wrong Lane!

Thoughts of this Deranged Mom at Christmas!

My thoughts for the Christmas season: To celebrate my hubby's payday, we bought the good trash bags and a box of wine. I wish I had the money to buy wrapping paper to wrap them. Good gingerbread houses are one of the things required by Facebook to remain in the good parenting network. Good gingerbread … Continue reading Thoughts of this Deranged Mom at Christmas!

You Can’t Have Chicken Salad Without The Chicken Sh*t!

One of my previous employers used to always say..."You know that white stuff on top of chicken sh*t? It's still chicken sh*t." I always laughed at this because we all try to make things different and/or better than what they are. Below is my effort.... It's not that I don't understand limiting and monitoring my … Continue reading You Can’t Have Chicken Salad Without The Chicken Sh*t!

A Burr In My Saddle!

So there are lots and lots....and lots of things that piss me off. The biggest one centers around being Middle-Class. So, in order to allow me to vent...in depth....I have decided to focus a series of blog posts on "Middle-Class Misconceptions" and what I think about those that believe them. First.....and perhaps the biggest misconception that … Continue reading A Burr In My Saddle!

Words You May Never Have Uttered…

You may need a passport to enter another country, but you just need an open mind and some gas to reach the South. However, you may experience the same culture shock that you would endure in the Congo or African Sahara - we have similar language barriers and mating habits. You will certainly encounter those that … Continue reading Words You May Never Have Uttered…