Learning My Kids

(No worries to those that are new to my blog, because I actually do know a thing or two about proper English.)

When I left the full-time working world a few years ago and astounded those near and far with my decision to homeschool, I scoured the Internet, bombarded friends and still pray daily for direction in bringing my kids up right.

Here are some of the things that help me on a daily basis: (I will update these resources as I can.)

1. Classical Conversations – www.classicalconversations.com 

This co-op has provided the flatform that continues to keep me afloat and helps ensure that my boys are a part of a weekly group, an organized delivery of six subjects per week and a group that can pray with me and over me on a daily basis.

2. Half A Hundred Acre – http://www.halfahundredacrewood.com

This site came highly recommended to me and I originally found it on the infamous Pinterest. When I get stuck, new fresh ideas, or looking for supplemental assignments, this is always my first spot.

3. Spell to Write and Read – This is the curriculum that I chose for phonics and spelling. I strongly recommend that you pursue the training that goes with teaching this program to minimize any mental breakdowns you may or may not face. I also strongly recommend that you find parents that are experienced with this program to help you along the way. With that said, I love everything about this program and feel that my kids have jumped grade levels (when I did it right!).

4. Saxon Math – We switched to Saxon because its highly endorsed by our co-op and extremely thorough in its delivery.

5. Library Card – single best gift to you, your kids and your homeschool.


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