Worn Slap Out!

Well, our clan has just completed our annual vacation and so we are absolutely worn slap out. All of us....however, the energy exerted on these annual vacations is not equally divvied up and therefore, the whining shouldn't be either. Since my bunch doesn't care what I have to say, I am putting it out there … Continue reading Worn Slap Out!


Worthless as an Ashtray on a Motorcycle (Part II) – Reentry.

I see that many of you read my first post and ascertained that I am an ungrateful cretin, after enjoying six amazing days at an all in-inclusive resort for free - and still having something to complain about. Not just for free....but FOR FREE!! Even my luggage was paid for, shuttle services, excursions, spa treatments, … Continue reading Worthless as an Ashtray on a Motorcycle (Part II) – Reentry.