Just ‘Cause A Chicken Has Wings, Don’t Mean It Can Fly!


Apparently, I’ve been behind the curve for years and somehow missed the true Pinterest as a flagship deal. Who woulda thought that Pinterest is where it’s at for Bloggers, as well as a slew of other entrepreneurs, instead of just a paradise for creative moms? Armed with this new knowledge, my next step was ensuring that I was utilizing this social media platform to promote my own website that houses my blog, my published works, my content writing services and a tidbit about my Thirty-One Gifts Business. How hard can it be, right? I mean, pinning is super easy!

I learned two things right away:

  1. Pinterest takes pins and makes them sing louder and longer than any Facebook post or tweet!
  2. Pinterest for Businesses should come with an Appalachian translation guide!

Fortunately, I have some experience in these survival guides, so I jumped right in. Here’s the gist.

A blog without followers is the same as a blogger without Pinterest. In fact, research shows that Pinterest is the number one referral source for social traffic! I found this very informative blog from the Blogging Wizard that explains some simple steps to increase your traffic with Pinterest. However, I still had to mentally translate the tips into terms that you and I could understand.

Run It Up A Flagpole

Take your regular Pinterest account and upgrade to the FREE Business Account. This part is easy, but then you have to claim your website, which hurt my brain just a bit. It took me a while to search around my website to find where I could paste the link provided by Pinterest, but I finally found it under Settings and at the very bottom.  After these two steps are complete, you can see how your pins are behaving – Are they playing well with others? Are they showing off? Or are they about as useless as an ashtray on a motorcycle? It’s up to you to watch these analytics, but here are some tips to creating pins that are way too big for their britches.

Birds Of A Feather

Organize your boards and add sections, so that each pin goes where it belongs. Followers to your board are there for a specific reason. If they show up because they want to learn how to cook, don’t bombard them with creative holiday crafts! Additionally, make sure the pins are interesting and include an actionable item. In other words, use phrases like “Check this out” or “Click Here” or “Follow this link” or “Enter to win.” This simple step can increase the engagement of your pin by as much as 80%!! You can’t beat that with a stick!

Handy As A Pocket On A Shirt

Remember that people go to Pinterest because it’s helpful and useful. They are specifically looking for ideas, so make sure your pins are designed to help them, not advertise you. They don’t give a lick about seeing your face or any other boring content. Remember, this is Pinterest, not Facebook or Instagram. Also, hold your horses on the details, and just get to the point. You want them to actually click on the pin to get more information.

As with all things Southern, image is important. Unfortunately, great pins come with more specs than Nascar racing, but a few are fine for beginners. First, your pin needs to have a vertical (up and down) image with text on it. Second, my favorite colors of red and pink are crucial to higher engagement levels. Finally, it all comes down to timing. Posting your pins on the weekend will obviously get more exposure than weekday working hours.

Share Your Sandbox

Invite others to pin to your board and return the favor. Other pinners will help grow your community. But attempt to put yourself and your pins on a pedestal and remember to learn from others. The general rule for Pinterest is the same for Facebook – 20% of your own material to 80% of others.

There is still so much to learn, like WTH is ‘meta data’, ‘rich pins’ and ‘social warfare’?  You can find loads of helpful information on www.business.pinterest.com, which is where I will be looking next. Maybe I’ll have something for you. 😉


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