The Proof Is In The Puddin’

It’s that time of year again, where I recommit to consistently blogging and getting serious about this endeavor. I draw up dreams of 10,000 followers, 50,000 monthly views and 500 copies sold of my latest book. My Trello board is full of monetizing ideas, consistent release schedules and plans for public relations – all of which is perfectly synced to my calendar. This Spring, I can taste the unlimited supply of wine, feel the joy in my kids’ hearts at brand new destinations, smell the fumes of new construction projects, see my debt actually decreasing and hear the irreplaceable accolades from my family for making it all happen. Ahhh… Isn’t that picture worth a million dollars??

The problem is that this mental image always finds a way to my backburner and those dollars soar away into the sunset. I totally don’t want that to happen this year!

I started this blog in June 2014 and have published nearly 80 posts. Although these steps are accomplishments, they fell behind my need to serve others – family and clients. It’s only fair to add laziness and lack of motivation into the pot, as these are very real demons.

someone-called-me-lazy-today-l-almost-replied-classy-redneck-10509038 (1)

I realize that I need to get serious. In that line of thought, I created a public Facebook page, dedicated to my blog and also Southern tidbits along the way! If you are interested, please join at:

Where do you consistently fall behind schedule? Exercise, home projects, family, etc? One online software that I cannot live without is Trello, as I’m sure my circle is tired of hearing. It’s a FREE project management software program that allows you to take your goal, divide into objectives and then divide those objectives into very small steps – with checklists if you want! A new feature even allows linking your board to popular apps or your calendar. It can be overwhelming at first, but if you devote some time to learning it, you can make your to-do list sing! I not only use it for my work projects, but for my personal ones too – home projects, gift lists, family dreams. You can easily drag and drop activities or archive when completed. The best part is that they offer an app for your phone so if an idea hits you, you can add it right then and there! The possibilities are endless! Since I don’t get paid a dime for this post, I will leave it in your capable hands to organize your life. However, I personally swear by it!

What tricks do you use to stay on task? For real….I need to hear them! Our productivity is too important to our sanity, lives, financial security,  and/or well-being!

Or where do you fall short on your goals? Our tribe is here for you!



One thought on “The Proof Is In The Puddin’

  1. Oh golly! I think “another plan that failed…” is a lifelong theme of mine! I am the queen of unfulfilled projects…


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