Summer Is Just Another Fresh Hell!

OK…so I haven’t even looked at my blog in months….even forgot the web address. I decided to delve back in and saw several posts that apparently, I was too lazy to post. Here is one!

Some may mark the beginning of Summer with the completion of testing or school or even the hotter temperatures and Memorial Day. Me?… I mark it by the first time that I hear, “Mommy, I’m bored!” Then I know beyond a doubt that the newest fresh hell has commenced.

We start the countdown for this momentous occasion the day after Christmas. It becomes our guiding beacon through rough winter months of threatening to eat our young and the fresh waves of Spring when Mother Nature battles her own identity. If we can just make it to Summer, we claim that all will be well and worthwhile. Even if and when we finally open the test scores to reveal that our children may in fact have not learned the first thing all school year. Summer brings a promise that we can just do better next year.

However, shortly after celebrating the end of the school year….like on day two of our new Summer schedule, we begin to realize that our reprieve is in fact, just a new fresh hell.  Our kids have the erroneous conception that it is our job to entertain them. They no longer have the schedule fillers that kept their whining at bay (somewhat). Now, they stay up late and wake up to bad tempers and then try to cram in every activity they have been yearning for the freedom to explore and finish up by lunch. Apparently all that is left is rubbing two rocks together.

Of course, each of us will deal with this new season in our own way, but I thought I would share my chosen solution….

  1. WINE.



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