Monday Moans!

We all start out with big dreams for our little ones – great academics, star athlete, successful ventures, good character….. But as times change, so do our goals. Now, at the end of the day, we just pray for strong vitals.

When I started homeschooling, I had classical music playing in the background, other language curriculum on stand-by and hours coordinating good, positive socialization. Fast forward four years…..the only music in the background is my constant screaming…or theirs; forget Spanish, focus on the ABCs and subject-verb agreement, and before every playdate, we go over what they are not allowed to say and do.

Therefore, I start each Monday with a goal that we at least start school for the week.

Today, I got them started on school and went to start the laundry. I’m not sure how long I was out of it or even if it was real. But, I felt tears of joy begin to rain down my face that our family meeting from the weekend somehow made it past the initial barriers of their little minds. On Saturday, we had all met in the bathroom. My husband and I briefly discussed placing their dirty clothes actually in the hamper, instead of on top of it…in front of it….or no where near it. After our brief lesson, we allowed each child to practice. (lift lid, place clothes inside, close lid.) We even took it a step farther and tried to urge them to try it with one finger. It was tough at times, but we were all determined to master this seemingly small feat. Then, we reviewed the lesson, high-fived each other and parted ways.

I had no misconceptions that this lesson would stick somewhere between their ABCs and Math. However, today…my children surprised me and made me proud. Yes, they can hit a target with uncanny accuracy with a variety of weapons. Yes, they can shoot a basketball into the goal and hit a baseball thrown by a pitch. They are even getting decent at soccer. They are masters at their tech devices and often help us parents figure things out. However, I started wondering if I needed to get them tested since they couldn’t do simple tasks. For example, putting laundry into the hamper, putting dishes into the sink, and/or covering themselves up with a blanket that rested at their ankles. I decided to focus on these tasks…because after all, I’ll give them to wives one day. But I didn’t believe.

But today….I believe.

Check back in with me tomorrow.



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