I Bought It For A Song, And You Can Sing It Yourself.

Dear Readers,

After a lifetime of dreaming to be a published author, today my first short eBook went on sale. I can’t describe the feeling that is consuming me right now. No one may read it….but I published it, and that has to be enough for now. I have hid behind grants for years to feed my love for writing. Then, I hid behind this blog. A blog that I didn’t even use my real name. No more hiding. The feeling….it is surreal.

This blog, actually, was my first book idea. I worked on it for years. Once, I sent my pitch off to a renowned agency that rejected it within days. I know that I should have kept at it, but I wanted to wade back in easily…and safely – hence this blog. It became my proof of writing and yall became my proof that people liked what I had to say.

In my former life, I was a grant-writer. What better way to take my next step? I decided to write what I knew. I knew grants and I knew the colossal bridge between country speak and grant speak. I knew humor. So, I wrote Mountain Notes To Grant-Writing (a spin off of Cliff Notes).

This blog is read in several countries. It’s by no means a Pulitzer, but it’s mine. Some of you have been my followers for the past year and for that I am blogging about it. I published my eBook on a topic that may not touch you in any way. If if does, I hope it helps. If not, I hope you laugh. It was meant to make you laugh.

Thank you for reading my words.


Brandi C Watkins


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