Yes, I have been absent from blogging for months. I have a bazillion reasons for slacking; none of which matter in the grand scheme of things.
However, as a writer, I have thought about writing each and every day. When I get the chance, I have been working on a post titled: “Crow tastes like sh*t!.”

I would love to hear what your responses would be if you were ever given the chance to apologize to your own mom or maybe, another mom that you encountered before becoming a mom yourself. What is one thing that you said that you wished you could take back?


2 thoughts on “Poll:

  1. “We’re having leftovers?! I’d rather not eat than eat leftovers!”

    As a mother…I now know leftovers are the bomdiggity.


  2. I swore I would never have kids in the first place. Then I swore I would never yell at them. I actually judged my sister’s parenting more so than my mama’s. I reckon I owe them both an apology.


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