No Bag Limits!

If you are one of my blog followers, you know that in the last week – my stove broke, my dryer broke, our truck broke and our pipes burst! I thought things were just supposed to happen in 3s!!! For the first time, country logic has failed me!

To help me celebrate my misery, I think it’s totally appropriate to advertise my Direct Sales business!

By now, you have probably fallen in love with at least one of the new Jewell by Thirty-One purses in the spring catalog, right?! Well, now is the time to take that leap with the February customer special. You get ANY purse 50% off with every $35 you spend.

Watch this video to learn more about the purses:

If you want to help adopt one of my appliances or just buy yourself a totally awesome product, contact me at or place your order at


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