Monday Moans

This blog is about surviving, so of course we need an entire page devoted to Parenting – that daily battle that goes unseen, unpaid and unappreciated even though there are lives at risk and the daily victors are uncertain. I have discovered that I am driven to the brink of insanity, at least once a week (but usually daily….I mean, hourly) by my darling children. Some days, it’s as simple as their absolute resolve to miss the laundry hamper and other days, when they choose to use a Twister mat and a pillow to create their own, indoor slip n slide. Some days, it’s about the nasty, sticky, decaying food that they hid under the couch because the trashcan was more than two feet from their grubby, little hands and other days, it’s about finding the fragments of the latest, irreplaceable casualty.

Each Monday, I will be posting something that I survived the week before. Fortunately for the readers, my children will never run out of adding fuel to this fire. I will also be inviting other bloggers to participate in this weekly event, because misery loves company (and assuming I can figure out how to do that)!

What am I moaning about this Monday? Oh….to have only one thing….

After this weekend, I’d be remiss if I didn’t relay the clear and present show of disrespect, by my family, in using a handwash-only coffee travel mug to drink non-coffee related beverages. Actually, I don’t want them using it to drink coffee. In fact, I don’t want them using it at all. For any reason. Maybe on special occasions, but I doubt it.

Forget that such products exist in this world of technology, because I’m sure we need to test our commitment to laziness in some way and remember our great, great, great grandma’s daily struggles. Okay, so maybe I threw in too many greats; but…handwashing?!! Ugh. Anyway, I am the guilty one of mistakenly breaking my golden rule and buying this expensive travel mug for Mr. CG. In my opinion, I was the victim of false advertising, as this information was buried inside the actual mug…in German.

After it is put to trivial use, it continually moves around my sink for weeks on end, as all of its more worldly dish friends get their regular bath in our dishwasher. Finally, I break down and wash the sticky orange soda out of it; only to find it missing from the drying rack the next morning. This.Kills.Me. We have 40-11 cups in our cabinet. What is it about this shiny, metallic handwash only travel mug that hypnotize one of my sons into submission?? Surely, its forces beyond their control and not their deliberate way of flipping me off.




2 thoughts on “Monday Moans

  1. Ha – I remember those days! We too have ‘handwash only’ travel mugs, and you know what? They go through the dishwasher and are absolutely fine. They look like daleks … maybe that’s why.


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