If That Don’t Start Your Fire, Your Wood’s Wet!

So yesterday, I let my darlings play with fire, since I had some records to burn anyway. As with all things concerning my boys, I lost control in the first five seconds. With each child poking the fire, smothering the fire, adding to the fire, and running around the fire; I started to imagine jumping in the fire. So, I decided that this was as good as time as any to run some fire drills. My ingenuity got them running sprints to our ‘safe place, ‘ even if they had a knock-down-drag-out once ‘safe,’ as they argued who would get to call 911. Overall, the entire event landed in the successful parenting column and I feel vaguely comfortable that one of them can at least dial 911, even if I have no faith whatsoever that they will get our address completely correct.

Anyhoo, with this in mind and imagining the worst, I wondered what three things I would grab from my house, assuming all living things were safe and sound. We have already established that I Fly Off the Handle during crisis situations, so I won’t pretend my reaction would be anything that falls short of this. However, when I couldn’t decide what I would grab, my mind took a totally different direction … as it so often does.

I wondered what I would leave.

What three things would I stick around to make sure burned?

  1. My tax records.
  2. My squeaky dryer.
  3. My size 4 clothes.

To me, none of these items need an explanation.

What would you leave behind? 🙂


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