Sorry, I’m Busy.

My prompt for this week coincided with my current battle of reclaiming my time from these little time-suckers that I mothered. Yes, their angelic faces and rare, adorable moments were enough to steal away my productive moments before; but now, I must focus on those other moments to strengthen my resolve. Those times when they choose to drink coke through a medical syringe (happening now), wait until I go to bed and tie all of my bathroom cabinet doors to the inside door handle so that I can’t get in (happened last week) or using my tampons for parachutes for their military figures (happens too much). I realize that sometimes we have to applaud their ingenuity, but not now. Now, I am busy.

I have my week perfectly planned out, complete with a color coded highlighting system on my calendar to ensure my compliance. Said calendar is in plain view for those that I reign sovereign over and any resistance should be considered futile. This weekly plan may have been written in clay, for all the flexibility that I will give it. So, get used to hearing, “Sorry, I’m busy.”

For trivial matters such as “Mommy, can you hand me my blanket….(that is 8 inches from my fingertips)?” or  “Mommy, where is my….” or even “Mommy, I’m hungry.”, they will just have to build a bridge and get themselves over it. Sorry honey, but I’m busy.

I’m busy being an adult, working from home, blogging, homeschooling mother. Yes, you can do your homeschool in a fort that I will help you build, and yes, you can read your book upside down and yes, I will help you clean yet another one of your messes, and yes, we can play monopoly (the game that never ends) to practice your currency skills. However, if the current hour coincides with the green on my calendar, then no – BECAUSE I AM BUSY BLOGGING!

Any takers on how often this will actually happen?? Post your bets below!


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