That Face thingy.

Technology may have flourished across the planet, but it is more accurate to say that it invaded us mountain folk. Change is not easy for us…. at all. Even the battle cries of the Civil War have been passed from generation to generation and so folks are hesitant to accept new things. It was one thing to wrap our heads around the www but then people go and add in Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Throw in smartphones and the world was at war once again with the South.

Hillbilly smartphone


Let us start with Facebook. I’m sure it was meant to connect with severed friends, creep on ex-friends and maybe exchange a recipe or 200. However, by the time it got to us, it was a platform to air your dirty laundry, gloat about your weekly cooking and celebrate the person that you really ain’t.

Survival Tips:



1. Dirty Laundry is meant for the backyard.

If you wouldn’t say it in church, don’t say it on Facebook.

2. Just because ‘they’ put in on Facebook, doesn’t mean it’s true.

3. Don’t take pictures of your supper and post it – your friends do NOT want to know what you are eatin. Especially if it’s better than what they are eatin – if they are eatin at all.

4. If you do happen to capture an amazing, Blessed moment with your family, make it your cover photo and act like the pic represents everyday life. This is important to fit in.

5. Identify two to three Facebook friends to creep their pages, so that you and your closest friend can stay in touch by belittling every post they make. (Not that I do this at all…………..) This will help make your daily life just a tad better and gossip is fuel for a Southern heart.


What do you country girls HATE most about Facebook?? Do you remember when you finally caved and joined Facebook? Tell us about it!




One thought on “That Face thingy.

  1. I hate city girls who buy a $400 pair of boots and go to one Jason Aldean concert & they are suddenly the most country girl on the planet. But for the life of them can’t tell me who Johnny Cash is and has never skinned a deer. Just sayin’
    ALSO, since we’re on the subject I hate people who brag incessantly. I have this one guy who constantly posts picture of his “perfect” daughters & his “perfect” wife in between snippets of the latest photo of a beach captioned “gotta hate my job…lol”. Some day I’ll reply with the question “is that why your wife lives at the bar while you’re gone?” Is that mean? Probably, but I hate Fake people who constantly have to build themselves up.


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