The Devil Is Beating His Wife.

When it rains from a mostly blue sky, then the devil is beating is wife. I never really understood this saying, but I hear it time and again.

Weather. Being from North Carolina, you can easily experience all four seasons in the same week. Nothing like treating your sunburn with some fresh powdered snow. We only watch the Weather Channel for the music, not for the actual predictions that couldn’t be farther from the truth. So in the absence of decent weathermen, we predict our own weather.

How do I explain how a country girl tells the weather? Easy: If cows are laying on their bellies, the leaves are upside down, or maw’s knees are hurting –  it is going to rain. The louder the frogs sing, the more rain. If the sky is red at night, it will be pretty the next day. If the sky is red in the morning, it will most likely rain. If it rains before 7, it will be clear before 11. If it thunders in the winter, snow is coming within 3 days.Clear moon, frost soon. If woodpeckers are sharing a tree, then a harsh winter is ahead. The wooly worm’s coat will indicate whether or not we will have a harsh winter. But quite simply…in the country, you can smell weather coming.

In the city, surrounded by concrete and skyscrapers, this just doesn’t work. I would suggest to just mute the weatherman and look at the radar. If you are covered up in a big blob of green, some rain is coming your way. If the blob on the radar is a bright color, then beware.

The only thing you can smell in the city is smog, which is no indication of weather. So don’t embarass yourself with your homegrown weather predictions that won’t ring true.





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