Jeet Yet?

(Title translation for non-country folk: Did you eat, yet?)

We have covered walking, talking, parking and spitting. Surprisingly, we will need to cover food if you plan on eattin in the city.

You might be a redneck if you know how to wring a chicken’s neck…all in a day’s work if you wanted to eat that night, right? Other days, you were cleaning fish, skinning wildlife or wondering if the poke salad would kill you. Summers aren’t spent breaking beans, shucking corn, digging up roots, canning potatoes, all while living off of cornbread and milk so that you could eat during the winter months. Those true country girls know that I meant cornbread and buttermilk in the same drinking glass! If it wasn’t born and raised in our area, you didn’t eat it. Very simple, just the way we like it.

Forget all of this. Seriously, just forget it. You, nor your palate need to remember these standards. Just go all Frozen and Let Go. You are in the city, now.

Grocery shopping is a whole new experience in the city. Vegetables are not lined in mason jars with handwritten notes in sharpies and found in cold, dark places, fruit isn’t picked from the trees in your yard and meat comes from Mexico (you hope). Green Giant, Del Monte and Smuckers will all need to become part of your grocery list. Forget finding deer meat at the grocery. Again, I mean it; forget it. And the city definition of fresh fish is a ballpark from yours, so buy this at your own risk. Bread and buns aren’t ‘freshly’ baked because they are in bags with use by dates. I know, weird. Oh, and city folk use different kinds of chickens; because their eggs are white, instead of brown.

Without stretching this post out beyond use, I feel like I need to address dining out. Don’t bother looking for fried food on the menu, city folk use symbols to identify all of the healthy-eating choices. This seems to be important to them and some type of count that they keep up with. These foods, nor probably any other selections on the menu, are not cooked with a keg of lard and butter; but some are surprisingly good. I would just go out with whichever city friend has adopted you and let him or her help you decide. Just don’t expect sweet tea and ketchup to be automatically set out on your table, either.

(Be prepared for an upset stomach for the first several months. Your body has culture shock too.)

We may make and prefer our own beer, whiskey and wine; but the city brands aren’t half-bad. They even have ‘lite.’ Its all about appearances up in there, so enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Jeet Yet?

  1. This is too funny! Here, the one thing I get the most insane looks for is putting slaw on my hot dogs!!!! Also, don’t get me started on their version of BBQ…. Just don’t…Really, it’s a bit much, or lacking, however you want to look at it. People here GIVE AWAY deer meat. Give. It. Away!!! Who does that? I had calamari for the first time last year, never again. Although, I do looooove a good salad 🙂


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