I would like to start this blog off by providing some disclaimers! I am a country girl…one that survived the city, college, living abroad, marriage, pregnancy, moving back to the country and more! I don’t mean to stereotype, belittle or whatever…I just want those of us that survived this transition to laugh about it and spread the lessons! So if you have thin skin, find another blog!

So many of you found yourselves in the same boat…uprooting from small town America to the bigger city, more sophistication, faster pace, “living above your raising” and outgrowing your britches. What is your number one memory from podunk America? One that the city folk may believe is myth? Or maybe one that you still can’t believe happens? Was it the cock fights? cow tipping? frog gigging? snipe hunting? tractors in the homecoming parade?

Don’t hold back. Let’s start out with where we are from! I want to see what kind of support I have before I jump all in! Plus, I want to see how this whole thing works!



8 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Love this! I’m from North Carolina, living in Washington state near Seattle. I’ve lived here almost 14 years and still when I start talking, people smile and ask, “Where are you from?” :o)


  2. I live in Bowling Green, KY. Now, before you say “oh, Kentucky, not so far off” really, it is! It’s a metropolitan area with symphonies, professionals of all sorts, museums, and art…everything I am not!!! I still get weird looks when I wear my camoflage yoga pants out in public, people still look at me & say “you aren’t from here, are you”? to which I reply “no ma’am I ain’t”. Can you believe most people here have never eaten coon or deer? Really? Yes, most people…We have lots of “rednecks” and “cowboys/girls” here, but they aren’t like the mountain people that we grew up with.


  3. It’s funny you mentioned the misconceptions of “country people”. Logan & I were just talking to some people in BG who thought it was bizarre that we process our own deer and turkey and that we eat things like coon and turtle… I swear, the city is like a whole different planet to me!!!


  4. I’m from all over, but I spent my adolescence and teenage years in the Mountains of NC and loved every minute of it. I am a very proud southern girl. I have lived in many places around the Southeastern United States, but there is no where like the NC Mountains. When I have conversations with people about their high school experiences, I am usually the only one who enjoyed high school. I think that is because of the size of the school and the fact that you knew EVERYONE! If you played a sport, you played them all!!! (because we needed the bodies). I LOVED IT!


  5. I was born in NY….moved to FL at 7 years old. After I got married, my husband and I moved to Murphy, NC.
    I just tell everybody “I got here as soon as I could”


  6. I’m loving this blog already! I was born and raised in the mountains of NC (which everyone knows is a COMPLETELY different world than “out east” in NC). April, your comment about eating coon reminds me of a visit to my ex-mother-in-laws house in the city. A neighbor caught a coon in a live trap and came knocking on the door at daylight asking if the “broad with the accent” knew what he was supposed to do with it! My reply was to cook it (could’ve heard a pin drop 50 miles away)! After a good half hour conversation on the subject, I ended up cooking a coon with an ever-growing audience watching every move to make sure I didn’t pull a fast one and switch it with chicken or something! By the end I was half expecting the news crews to show up lol


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